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5426 North Academy Blvd. Suite 110 Colorado Springs, CO 80918
(719) 260-9611

Dr Mike Valier

Dr. Michael Valier was born and raised in Colorado. He enjoys rock climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding or telemark skiing preferably in the back country, climbing, alpine climbing, camping, fishing, boating and just being outdoors with family and friends. The love he has for the outdoors has brought him a wide knowledge of the human body and its capabilities, although pushing his body to its limits while playing hard has come at a cost. He has sustained numerous injuries over the years such as a broken neck and tailbone, numerous fractures and concussions.

Because of chiropractic care he was able to heal from his injuries and maintain an active lifestyle. Dr. Valier says chiropractic care will always be a part of his wellness lifestyle. He is thankful for the opportunity to provide customized chiropractic care to his patients and witness them experience fantastic results. Dr Valier states he sees his patients 'turn their power on' with chiropractic care. Working together with his wife, Dr. Jessica Valier, they bring a complete and individually direct approach to people’s health care needs. With Dr. Jessica bringing a nutritional/homeopathic approach to the spinal health care that Dr. Mike provides, patients can rest assured they are in good hands at Health Unlimited Colorado. 

Dr. Jess Valier

Dr. Jessica's career began as a chiropractor, where her philosophy centered around the idea that when you remove interference on the nervous system through spinal adjustments, the body can begin to heal and respond as nature intended. When it became apparent that adjusting alone did not seem to handle the problems patients were dealing with, or that those adjustments were not holding as long as they should, she realized something else must be affecting the body and thus started her homeopathic and intense nutrition training. What we choose to eat or not eat is critical not only for our daily function, but for our overall health.

Dr. Jessica learned firsthand that eating habits in the past caused many problems in the future, and was determined to learn all she could to help herself, her family, and each person she met seeking answers about their health with a willingness to live a wellness lifestyle. Dr. Jessica truly believes that each challenge that we have had and will have are there to teach us a life lesson, show us a gift that we did not realize we had, and make us stronger people on a spiritual level. She has an immense passion for the nutritional work she does and loves to see the changes in people as they begin to understand that they have the choice to be healthy.

She states 'Knowledge is breaking things down to be understood, but wisdom is putting pieces together. It's how I view our bodies and our health, when we put the integral parts together of the bio-chemical, emotional and structural, our personal power or spirit transcends to new and amazing levels of optimal health. This is possible for anyone, and I am living proof.

Holly Calvert, Nutritional Therapist

Holly Calvert, Certified Nutrition Consultant and Health Educator is available every other Friday to see patients for Nutrition Response Testing analysis and Diet Consultations.  Holly takes a Holistic approach to health and wellness by integrating nutrition, lifestyle changes, exercise, and emotional wellbeing to address all aspects of a patient’s health.  Holly will help you make a plan to improve your health by addressing your needs on an individual level. Our food supply is severely lacking vital mineral content.  Mineral supplementation is a necessary step to improving health.  Holly will help you find the right vitamin and mineral supplements for you! Call today to schedule your holistic nutrition appointment with Holly!

Individualized Health Improvement Programs can include;

• Heavy Metal & Chemical Detoxification
• Parasite & Candida Detoxification
• Weight Loss & Grocery Shopping Tips
• Meal Planning & Recipe Guidance
• Stress Management
• Exercise Plans
• Nutrition Supplement Plans
• Sports Nutrition Plans
• Herbs and Homeopathy
• Children’s Health

Kollen Conley, Massage Therapist

Kolleen Conley, a graduate of the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy in Colorado Springs, CO. She graduated with 1050 hours of training that included pregnancy, deep tissue, and neuromuscular and sports massage.  She is a certified Neuromuscular Therapist, Myofascial Release Therapist, Medical Massage Cupping, and licensed by the State of Colorado.

Kolleen’s hobbies include: commute bicycling, hiking, cooking, reading, and curling (her favorite Olympic winter sport).  Kolleen believes in the mind body connection.  Meaning, that the physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual influences a person’s overall health.
Kolleen offers a variety of massage treatments designed to relieve pain from injury and promote relaxation.


  • Therapeutic Deep Tissue
  • Trigger Point
  • Sports
  • Medical Massage Cupping
  • Prenatal
  • Myofascial Massage

Connie Martin, Office Manager 

Connie is the office manager for Health Unlimited and Family Chiropractic.  She is originally from California and moved with her children to Colorado to 20+ years ago.  Connie enjoys being outdoors walking, the ocean, mountains or gardening, she also enjoys dancing, and living life with zest and purpose.   

Throughout the years she had the opportunity to work in numerous office environments, including banking, construction, counseling, adverting and school district 20.  She brings years of office experience and customer service skills with her, and what brings her joy is working with people

For many years she has had great appreciation and respect for chiropractic and nutrition care.  After years of dealing with lower back and hip pain, Dr. Mike Valier was able to significantly reduce the pain level in both the back and hip area.  Dr. Jessica Valier has assisted her in her nutrition and finding balance with her health.

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